I had this for a few months, and all I got was more problems with performance on my laptop. Eventually, I did some research, and found out this is a shady company to say the very least.

I bought and downloaded Zemana Anti Malware Removal, and every piece of malware they found was from Slimware driver Update. They quarantined the app and poof ... all my problems were solved. Stay away from Driver Update and all Slimware products.

Also if you call them to question them as to why when I scanned my computer with an anti malware app and all the malware that came up came from them, they still have the moxie to try and sell you additional products. Shocked Shocked

Product or Service Mentioned: Slimware Utilities Software Upgrade.

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well they charged my account 4 times with a *** my off one month 84.70 when a year is 21.17 need reimbursements what a deal /// Not


I can't stop the pop up ads. I get 10-20 every day.

I almost subscribed months ago, but when the tech wanted to take over my computer, I pulled out.

He said he was in Ukraine. I smelled trouble and fled.


i was literally just in the middle of installing and communicating with "stan" well *** got weird and a ton of web pages popped up and i had 0 control of my laptop. so i revoked all of his second hand abilities to control my computer after he asked if he may restart my device to "speed up the process" yeah.

hella shady.

I'll be contacting my bank tomorrow and canceling my card to get a new one and also contact "sliwire" and see wassup with this Guaranteed refund within 60 days. #suuuperpisssed

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